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Trees and people are often in conflict, particularly when trees are too close to buildings or roads and become a problem. It is unnecessary to fell every tree that infringes, or appears to present a threat to our property.

We can generally overcome problems using various tree surgery techniques. Tree surgery can be defined as the removal of any part of a tree to encourage growth, rather than having to perform a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

It is vital to know the characteristics of a tree; its growth and flowering habit, the diseases a tree may have or be susceptible to, and how to tackle the problems of dead or damaged growth.

Many problems occur because individuals without experience attempt this specialised area of work. J. T. Gardeners can offer a wide range of professional skills to handle any threat you may be confronted with, giving peace of mind whenever a tree becomes a problem.

If you have any problem trees, or you would like to know more about the range of skills we can offer then contact us. We are fully insured to carry out this dangerous work.

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